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This is the BSC Age of Sail wiki, a sister wiki to the BSCN wiki, that is focused on role play in an 18th to 19th century setting. This timeframe will progress as role play moves onward, right now, it is the early 18th century.

This is not the wiki about game, if you want the wiki for the game that is Battleship Craft Wiki. Most of the fleets here will (hopefully) be predecessors to the navies on the BSCN wiki. The List of Joinable Navies is listed here.

  • WolfKingDemon

    Rp timeline

    March 21, 2015 by WolfKingDemon

    I was thinking, we should revive this, and progress rp through until just before the regular navies wiki timeline started. The world wars, ironclads, all of that. We could alter events in history to correspond with this universe (IKN, Gallia if they…

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  • Captain rudder guy Kevin1

    Seeing as there is some confusion as to the exact year that it is in RP (with most folks saying it's the late 1840s it seems) let me set the record straight. Most of the joining members (me, enterprise, Zumwalt, possibly some others), thought it was…

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  • DevinIV1


    October 31, 2014 by DevinIV1

    So yeah...

    Go on, give your ships a scary paint job for the day! I'll post some soon!

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Recent RP Events

There is an Impending attack upon the IKN by an alliance of several fleets.

Other News

Pirate attacks seem to have died down... For now.

A string of recent pirate attacks near the coastline of The Empire of Kevin have sparked rumors of a small pirate brig, which has gained notoriety for not hesitating to take on ships nearly twice its' size.

Rumors have been circulating about the return of Tobias Morgan, though most dismiss it as rumors...

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